August 16, 2021

Adopting OKR Methodology for Business Development

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Adopting OKR Methodology for Business Development

Many corporate giants, from Google and Intel to Amazon and Netflix, have implemented Objectives and Key Results in their business. Do you know why? The popularity and success of the OKR methodology leverages business objectives and key results to build an efficient goal-setting. The OKR methodology is less task-oriented and more outcomes-aligned. It enables employees to work comprehensively on the right mission and move in the direction of the business.

There is a point in an organization’s journey to drive alignment, when excel spreadsheets aren’t enough to set and track goals. This is where the OKR methodology can help. OKRs have gained immense popularity among different departments, and Business Development is no exception. Setting OKRs for this department can help improve business strategy and elevate employee engagement, resulting in increased sales, higher productivity, and greater organizational success.

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Why are OKRs Popular for Business Development?

The OKR approach helps align day-to-day operations around a common set of business goals. This, in turn, enables organizations to leverage multiple benefits of OKR methodology such as radical focus, better transparency, better rhythm and alignment. Here are a few reasons why OKRs are a popular choice for Business Development teams-

1. Elevated Focus and Productivity

The OKR framework links actional objectives to 3 to 5 measurable key results that drive focus and fosters business productivity. When OKRs are set for Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, and other teams within a Business Development department, employees stay focused on what is more important and what is not. While keeping the company’s vision and goal on top of mind, employees progress more and remain productive during the entire year.

2. Improved Employee Commitment

Sales and marketing workforce must focus on their targets that drive sales and business revenues. When employees focus on achieving their goals (especially on a quarterly basis), they get a broader picture of the company’s ultimate vision and goal, giving them a sense of purpose and direction to their work. When the teams realize how their efforts can contribute to business success, they feel more engaged, committed, and inspired.

3. Better Alignment to Business Goals

It is essential for employees working in the Business Development department to realize how their goals are correlated to the top-level business objectives and overall vision. Organizations that have high-performing and aligned employees are more likely to grow and stay ahead of the curve.  When people have a clear picture of their goals as well as company OKRs, they remain more aligned and focused on the things that matter the most to the business.

4. Frequent Progress Tracking

Key results achieved with OKRs are measurable and time-bound. It is important for managers to review the OKR progress of their teams at frequent intervals. Interactive check-ins on a weekly or monthly basis help the teams remain focused and flexible to the changes whenever OKRs need to be updated or refreshed. Tracking progress enables managers to measure individual outcomes at the end of an OKR cycle, analyzing the overall success rates of improving sales and customer retention.

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OKRs for Business Development serves as a perfect way to articulate what goals need to be accomplished and execute the right business strategy. The OKR methodology can truly aid the Business Development department to align and connect every team member to the company’s goal and vision. OKRs enable businesses to focus on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the goals, leading to better business outcomes and ultimately unlocking success.

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