OKR Examples by Department.

Explore these 50+ OKR examples by the department and see how OKRs cascade and bring alignment within a team and department in an organization.

CEO OKR Examples

Chief Executive Officer

Objective:Expand the business faster to emerge as a sustainable business leader

Key Results:
  • $230M in bookings increased from $150M
  • 86% gross revenue retained
  • $970M Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)

Marketing OKR Examples

OKR Example for Marketing Leadership

Objective:Enhance brand awareness and expand market reach to capture our audience uniquely

Key Results:
  • 30% CTR for emails from 10%
  • 4% average bounce rate from 6%
  • 35k email distribution list from 20K

OKR Example for Marketing Demand Generation

Objective:Increase brand awareness and recognition to expand the reach and generate more leads

Key Results:
  • 100% of a significant event with 1000+ audiences held
  • 3 webinars with three different industry partners
  • 1 co-branded event with a high brand value partner

OKR Example for a Marketing Operations Manager

Objective:Target the right audience to make the most of current email marketing campaigns

Key Results:
  • 5 new implementation consultants to be hired
  • Top 5 vendors to be analyzed in the space
  • 30% increase in engagement with the first email marketing program deployed

OKR Example for an Email Marketing Executive

Objective:Building a relevant email list to target the right audience for our growth

Key Results:
  • 3% email bounce rate from 5%
  • 1000 new leads’ emails via download forms on the gated content gathered
  • 1000 signups from the “email” source increased from 500

OKR Example for a Marketing Event Manager

Objective:Increase campaign and events roundup to generate demand

Key Results:
  • 100 MQLs increased from 70 MQLs
  • 50 MQLs from 3-4 webinars
  • 300 MQLs to be generated from new products

OKR Example for an SEO Executive

Objective:Improve the SEO of the website content to improve its visibility in SERPs

Key Results:
  • 2500 website page views to be increased from 1200
  • 10 new blog posts with five or more backlinks to be published
  • 4% website bounce rate to be reduced from 10%

Sales OKR Examples

OKR Examples for Sales Leadership

Objective 1:Achieve record revenues to increase business profits for our growth

Key Results:
  • $100K revenue growth from $50k
  • 15% sales increase from 10% in the European market
  • 55% rise in gross profit margin from 48%

Objective 2:Build new strategic partnerships and channels to drive referrals and business growth

Key Results:
  • Build new strategic partnerships and channels to drive referrals and business growth
  • 4 new resellers partnerships established
  • 5 new consulting firms to be partnered

Objective 3:Grow our new bookings pipeline to increase business sales in the European market

Key Results:
  • 300 MQLs from 150 MQLs
  • 35% increase in SQL from 25%

OKR Example for a Sales Manager

Objective:Strengthen sales team to help sales reps target and close the best deals

Key Results:
  • Average time to convert a prospect into a client reduced from 30 days
  • 30% improvement in sales from 10%
  • 3 new training programs to be conducted for sales reps

OKR Example for a Sales Representative

Objective:Increase inbound lead processing to meet targets for our growth

Key Results:
  • 12 weeks of 100% inbound requests addressed within 24 hours from 48 hours
  • On-page chat response reduced from 120 seconds
  • 15% increase in the number of weekly demos from 10%

OKR Example for an Account Executive

Objective:Increase key stakeholder engagement in accounts to convert more leads into clients

Key Results:
  • 25% lead conversion rate improved from 25%
  • 90 days of 30 emails sent from 25 sent
  • 12 weeks with five discovery meetings held each week

Business Operations OKR Examples

OKR Examples for Business Operations Leadership

Objective 1:Adopt the latest technology to boost the efficiency of all processes to accelerate our speed and quality

Key Results:
  • 10 new business tools to be launched
  • 5 new training sessions on new tools and technologies planned
  • Business productivity increased from 50%

Objective 2:Enhance our processes and people to meet the growing demand effectively and efficiently

Key Results:
  • 100% of all four processes documented, i.e., a total of 400% process documentation
  • 85% of OKRs planned achieved
  • 100% CSM hired

Objective 3:Increase efficiency of business operations to ensure better customer retention

Key Results:
  • 30% increase in all technology operations’ capacity
  • 40% increase in supply chain capacity
  • 20% profit margin to be attained through production efficiency

OKR Example for a Business Operations Manager

Objective:Support GTM teams with highly efficient revenue operations to address the company’s existing workflow and maximize revenue

Key Results:
  • 80% customer and user data in Salesforce grown from 60%
  • $55K pipeline velocity increased from $40K
  • 1 weekly hour of manual effort decreased from 3 hours

OKR Example for a Business Operations Delivery Manager

Objective:Expand our capacity to deliver excellent services to make our business more sustainable

Key Results:
  • 20 new services to be delivered by Global Operations team
  • 30% business efficiency boosted as a result of financial and operational dashboards
  • 5 new service delivery team members hired

OKR Example for a Business Operations Executive

Objective:Manage day-to-day operations to ensure consistent and seamless delivery of business processes

Key Results:
  • 5% expense cost reduced from 10%
  • 3 company-wide audit on variable expenses to be conducted
  • 80% participation in the company-wide survey regarding remote work to be attained
  • 5 complaints and negative feedback per quarter decreased from 15; making the annual goal to be 20 complaints

Human Resource OKR Examples

OKR Examples for HR Leadership

Objective 1:Take new initiatives for training and development to foster employees’ professional growth

Key Results:
  • 4 hours to be spent on self-learning and development training
  • 1 month of training to recruits on company’s policies and culture
  • 5 project management and leadership training programs to be organized for new managers

Objective 2:Improve our employee benefits program to augment their experience

Key Results:
  • 100% of vendor selection process to be completed
  • 175 out of 200 employees to be enrolled in the employee benefits program
  • 3 months of benefits budget to be allocated below $500 per team per member every year

Objective 3:Create a people-first company culture to translate employee success into organizational success

Key Results:
  • 90% Engagement score increased from 75%
  • 15% of new roles to be filled through promotions
  • 3 new core values to be redefined based on employee feedback

OKR Example for an HR Manager

Objective:Ensure OKR adoption across teams to promote collaboration and timely goal attainment

Key Results:
  • 100% of employees get OKR training
  • 80% approval rating accomplished on employee survey of OKR effectiveness
  • 60% completion rate for the first OKR cycle

OKR Example for an HR Associate

Objective:Manage new COVID-19 related operations to keep employees well-informed, safe, and healthy

Key Results:
  • 12 weeks of virtual HR Connects to be conducted with all employees globally
  • 80% HR support operations’ efficiency improved from 68%
  • 10 medical practitioners for employees’ online consultation

Finance OKR Examples

OKR Examples for Finance Leadership

Objective 1:Optimize and improve our annual budgeting process to smoothen financial operations

Key Results:
  • 5 department heads trained on the new process
  • 6 departments’ budget proposals reviewed
  • 10 leads signed off on the new budget

Objective 2:Simplify financial reporting procedures to make them highly informative and transparent

Key Results:
  • 5 new financial team members hired
  • 6 hours payment processing time from 10 hours
  • 100% of our financials to be achieved

Objective 3:Pass all external audits successfully to strengthen shareholders’ confidence and build more credibility

Key Results:
  • 10 audit findings reduced from 15
  • 4 weeks of audit delivery decreased from 2 months
  • 100% of customer and vendor contracts to be filed in appropriate Dropbox repositories

OKR Examples for Finance Managers

Objective 1:Launch new quarterly budgeting plans to reduce cash burn

Key Results:
  • 4 past quarterly budgets to be audited to hone budget plans
  • 15-day budget approval process time reduced from 30 days
  • 24 bi-weekly meetings held with the team

Objective 2:Boost operational efficiency for effective financial management

Key Results:
  • 45% of accounting operations’ efficiency augmented
  • 100% of a cloud-based bookkeeping system launched
  • 70% of manual effort mitigated
  • 6 business leaders using online dashboards

OKR Examples for Finance Executives

Objective 1:Lay the groundwork for financial reporting and in-house accounting to stop outsourcing finance-related tasks

Key Results:
  • 2 new hires onboarded
  • 5 kinds of reports developed and set up in the ERP system
  • 5 stages of the ERP implementation process completed

Objective 2:Encourage remote work to mitigate office maintenance expenses

Key Results:
  • Monthly budget on the office maintenance reduced from $7000 to $5000
  • 100% of conveyance component removed from salary structure of employees
  • $1300 additional monthly income from renting out the office

Business Development Examples

OKR Examples for Business Development Leadership

Objective 1:Expand business to European markets to grow our market share

Key Results:
  • $100 million in global revenue target
  • 12% customer churn rate reduced from 17%
  • 35% rise in average deal size via upselling

Objective 2:Strengthen customer relationships and their flow to accelerate business

Key Results:
  • 25% conversion rates on qualified leads increased from 20%
  • 30% client retention rate from 24%
  • $500,000 to hit in cross-selling revenue

OKR Examples for Business Development Account Manager 

Objective 1:Demand generation from existing accounts to boost brand building

Key Results:
  • 3 new opportunities generated from existing accounts worth $100K
  • $125k in pipeline generated from new stakeholders
  • 125 existing customers connected with

Objective 2:Support team development and monitoring to meet and exceed quotas

Key Results:
  • 15 QALs from the inside sales team
  • 5 SALs from the inside sales team
  • $100,000 in upsells

OKR Example for a Business Development Manager

Objective:Improve prospect qualification process to target the right people

Key Results:
  • $120K in new sales opportunities attained
  • 100 new virtual meetings with prospects planned
  • 59% of inbound leads reaching the discovery stage in 5 days increased from 47%

OKR Example for a Business Development Executive

Objective:Demand generation to increase audience size for business growth

Key Results:
  • 50 QALs targeted
  • 10 SALs from QALs (new and previous) generated
  • 1 new unique lead via Account-Based Marketing generated

Engineering Examples

OKR Examples for Engineering Leadership

Objective 1:Boost efficacy of QA processes to boost production

Key Results:
  • 80% unit test coverage surged from 55%
  • 100% QA processes standardized before a release
  • 1 bug in production decreased from 3

Objective 2:Improve system reliability to ensure high-quality output

Key Results:
  • 70% productivity increased from 50% by deploying modern software and tools
  • 3 software configurations and system utility training
  • 5 failure rates during peak hours to be reduced from 15

Objective 3:Build a high-performing team to grow business via increased production

Key Results:
  • 15 new engineers hired
  • 15% improvement in performance metrics for all employees
  • 40% of coding employees attained skills via organizing coding events

OKR Example for an Engineering Manager  

Objective:Achieve a higher NPS score to improve customer retention

Key Results:
  • 24 hours of customer service response time reduced from 36 hours
  • 2.2 seconds page load time reduced from 5.7 seconds
  • 3 meetings with CS team to review NPS

OKR Examples for Engineering Associates

Objective 1:Increase user engagement consistently to increase product adoption

Key Results:
  • 2400 Daily active users increased from 2000
  • 5 new integration features with the third-party software introduced
  • 10 real-time daily updates through Notifications feature increased from 5

Objective 2:Utilize a scalable online platform to drive successful operations 

Key Results:
  • 15% increase in Integrity risk and database security mitigation metrics
  • 24 hours average response time to customer queries mitigated from 48 hours
  • 48-hour ticket resolution time reduced from 36 hours

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