Unlock:OKR And Managers.

Define success for your team through quantifiable Key Results with a proper OKR framework. Help your teams understand their role in organizational success, by aligning their goals with business objectives.

Why do Managers Need OKRs?

As a manager, one of the most powerful conversations that you can have with your team is about setting their goals and aligning them with the business goals that contribute to organizational success.

One of the most common challenges that businesses face today is that only a few teams understand the company’s vision and mission and align their goals with it. This is where OKRs come into play. OKRs help everyone on the team understand and work towards a common organization-level goal.

The OKR framework could be a valuable addition for your team because it:
  • chevron_right Drives transparency within teams
  • chevron_right Improves team productivity by helping them prioritize their objectives
  • chevron_right Acts as a management framework that connects team performance to business objectives
  • chevron_right Acts as measuring stick for team progress
  • chevron_right Helps you align your team goals with organizational goals and drive overall business performance

Common OKR Challenges Facing Managers

While the OKR framework is quite simple and effective, there are a few common challenges that managers face during implementing the OKR framework within their teams.


Overuse of OKRs is one of the common challenges facing operations officers. Overloading your teams with too many OKRs affects employee engagement and reduces its efficacy.


It is important for managers to communicate the importance of OKRs to their teams and help them align their individual goals to the business vision.

Not Checking-in

‍It is common for many teams to set up OKRs and go back to their previous work processes. Without regular follow-through, you will never achieve the to what they were doing before.

OKR Champion

Having an OKR champion can help the teams and businesses have a clear understanding of OKRs and look for the right resource of any problem arises.

Why Unlock:OKR For Managers?

To overcome these common challenges that managers face during implementing OKRs within their teams, Unlock:OKR created a business transformation model FAAR, that helps managers focus on outcomes and not on output.


It is easy to bite off more than you can chew when you are aiming for hyper growth. Help your team prioritize what they should do, and what they shouldn't do with Unlock:OKR.


Unlock:OKR ensures that all your teams and workforce are aligned to the business goals.


Unlock:OKR helps managers implement the OKR framework smoothly into the work processes of their teams.


Unlock:OKR helps managers understand when to pivot and how to adapt to changes without affecting their team outcomes.

Top 4 Unlock:OKR Features For Managers

Managers can utilize Unlock:OKR to drive productivity and alignment within their teams as well as, cross-functional teams. Unlock:OKR helps managers:

Align team OKRs with overall organizational objectives

Prioritize goals over projects

Provide an agile OKR platform to the team

Train the team and coaching an OKR champion