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Large organizations love OKRs because they are equally powerful and simple. We specialize in working with these companies to turn the idea of OKRs into a reality with an intense focus on outcomes and execution.

Why OKRs For Enterprises?

As a business grows, its strategy should evolve to suit the new business needs. Enterprises often have a modern goal-setting framework in place, like the OKR framework.

Google, Intel, LinkedIn, Amazon and Netflix are just a few examples of established businesses that utilize OKRs and drive business performance.

Enterprises that leverage the OKR framework:
  • chevron_right Enable prioritization of business objectives among the seemingly endless list of tasks
  • chevron_right Create transparency within the organizational processes
  • chevron_right Drive engagement across the teams
  • chevron_right Clarify the objectives and establish communication
  • chevron_right Drive goal alignment across the organization

OKR Challenges Facing Enterprises

With the implementation of a new framework, comes a need for new skills. OKRs are a huge change in the organizational culture and require a lot of effort, commitment, patience, and time to show results. Especially, enterprises face the following challenges when it comes to implementing OKRs into their businesses.

Lack Of Consistency

OKRs require you to be consistent with setting goals and checking-in on them in order to get desired business outcomes.

Unrealistic Goals

One of the most common issues all kinds of businesses face during implementing an OKR tool in their organization is, setting goals that are too easy to achieve or too unrealistic in terms of accomplishment.

OKR Champion

Having an OKR champion can help the teams and businesses have a clear understanding of OKRs and look for the right resource of any problem arises.

OKRs and Performance Reviews

OKRs can’t be linked with employee performance reviews. This takes away the very essence of OKRs and affects the business performance negatively.

Unlock:OKR For Enterprises

Unlock:OKR is a comprehensive OKR tool, built for enterprises, that drives business performance with its unique OKR Success Model that focuses on outcomes rather than output.


It is easy to bite off more than you can chew when you are aiming for hyper growth. Unlock:OKR helps organizations prioritize their business objectives and focus on the things that matter.


Unlock:OKR ensures that all your teams and workforce are aligned to the business goals


Unlock:OKR helps businesses implement the OKR framework smoothly into their work processes.


Unlock:OKR helps businesses pivot at the right time and helps them adapt to changes fast enough, without hampering business productivity.

Top 4 Unlock:OKR
Benefits For Enterprises

If technology is to make a lasting impact on an organization it needs to continue to evolve. Here are Unlock: OKR’s top features that Enterprises.

  • chevron_right Comprehensive feedback, tagging and conversations
  • chevron_right A dedicated OKR Coach
  • chevron_right Group, Company, Department, Team & Personal OKRs
  • chevron_right Bottom-up alignment and top-down assignment