Adopting OKRs: Thinking Big & Achieving Big


In today’s dynamic world, most of the organizations are utilizing a powerful framework that optimizes the adoption and implementation of OKRs. The OKR framework helps driving focus on the priorities, creating some sense of transparency towards the targeted goals, and aligning the right strategic action to the measurable outcome.

OKRs in business serve as an ideal solution when it comes to creating an agile system through utmost focus, clarity, alignment, and accountability. Crafting OKRs across the entire organization enables managers to assign a shared set of objectives among their teams, which, in turn, drives performance impact, operational excellence, and overall results.

In this eBook, you will learn about-

  • Brief History of OKRs
  • Anatomy of OKRs- Objectives & Key Results
  • Adopting OKRs in Business: Best Practices to Follow
  • Why OKRs?- An Important Question to Ask

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