Annual Planning with OKRs


Most C-level executives spend their valuable time fiddling over forecasts or obsessing over budgets every year. The worst part is they end up with a plan that takes no time to fail.

But why does this happen?

Leaders lack in planning well, i.e., specific actions they must take beforehand to execute the plan successfully. This is where the OKR framework comes into the picture. Connecting strategy to outcomes, the objectives and key results framework encourages the leader in you to communicate goals, recognize the right metrics for measuring OKR progress, and sketch the implementation process.

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  • Why Annual Planning with OKRs
  • Prepping for Annual OKRs Before the Commencement of a Year
  • Steps to Create Your OKRs
  • Annual Company-Level OKR Examples
  • The First Few Weeks Post Implementation of Annual OKRs
  • Ready to Outshine Your Competitors?
  • Annual Planning Timeline – In a Nutshell

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