Does Your Daily Execution Connect to Organizational Goals?


Gartner’s research shows that when an employee’s goals are aligned to organizational and employee needs, employee performance increases by 22%. They become more engaged than before. A highly engaged workforce brings in higher profitability. But, the question is how to keep your employees engaged and productive. The answer is using OKRs. Adopting and implementing an OKR framework is the best way to ensure the efforts of your employees are well-aligned with your organization’s mission, vision, and values. An OKR tool connects everyone at your workplace; daily work is no longer frivolous, and instead, the tool promotes your institution’s long-term vision.

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  • Disconnect Between Goals and Daily Execution
  • How do Daily Tasks Lose Purpose Without the Bigger Organizational Goals?
  • Why Connect Goals to Daily Execution?
  • Using an OKR framework
  • Case Study – Unlock:OKR – An IT Consulting Firm
  • OKRs and Realistic Goals
  • Tracking Progress
  • How OKRs Benefit from Metrics
  • Celebrating Success
  • Be Vigilant of the Bigger Picture
  • Are You Ready to Hit the Ground Running?