Google’s Approach to Goal setting: OKRs


OKR can be utilized differently by different organizations. It can be a growth framework for startups, whereas, for large and established companies, it is a framework that drives innovation.

The original concept of Objectives and Key results was derived from Intel, after which other companies in Silicon Valley started adopting it. In 1999, Google adopted the OKR framework when it had around 40 employees and continues to utilize the framework even today with more than 60,000 employees globally.

In order to understand this growth and implement Google’ best business practices, many companies have started using OKRs. Read this eBook to understand Google’s approach to goal setting and how you can utilize the OKR methodology to drive business results.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How Google Sets OKRs
  • How to get started with OKRs
  • Advice on OKR best practices and pitfalls from Google

Measure Success with Effective OKR Methodology