How to Review OKRs


You don’t want to lose sight of your goals, work in silos, or be disconnected from the bigger picture. To ensure doing so, you must review your OKRs. If you have set goals for yourself but don’t know where you are heading, it makes no sense to set and forget them.

To keep your goals on the top of your mind while learning from your journey of achieving these goals or failing at them, employing the OKR methodology serves as the best practice. The benefits of OKR review sessions are many,like boosting your performance and increasing alignment of your goals with those of the organization. Get started with OKR reviews, furthering a more robust organizational culture.

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  • OKRs and Reviews
  • What is an OKR progress review?
  • Know when to review OKRs
  • Reviewing OKRs: A multifaceted process
  • OKR Reviews: Types
  • Recommendations for reviewing OKRs at different levels
  • Ways to run successful OKR team reviews
  • Moving closer to achieving OKR mastery

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