How do I add a task for an OKR?

To complete a particular OKR, a user goes through several to-do lists. They often note it in their notepad or make a mental list, which might lead to future data loss. Hence, while planning for an OKR, a user may create a list of tasks they must follow to complete the OKR.

  • Once an OKR is created or in a draft state, click on the CFR icon to add the desired checklist.
  • A right drawer panel will open. Switch to the task tab to start creating the list.


  • Click on the “Add Task” text box to add the tasks. Once the task is written, click on the tick icon to save the task.


  • You may create as many tasks as required and can also edit them once submitted by clicking on the task. A box will appear from where you can directly edit the task and save it. Here, you won’t be able to tag or mention any individual.


  • To delete a task, hover over that task, and you shall see a delete icon. Click on the delete icon to delete the task from your list.

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