What are alignment maps?

Alignment maps may be defined as organizational information radiators that aid you in visualizing your current work’s alignment with business results. Using alignment maps, employees understand how accomplishing their OKRs contribute to the bigger organizational OKRs. The view of the alignment map has the same information as that in the dashboard view. However, alignment maps are a different yet easy way to look at the OKRs. You have a high-level view of what your organization is doing and how your objectives align with the key results. As you look at the grey lines, you can view how one objective relates to other OKRs. The “one” objective we are talking about feeds to others’ objectives too.

While using alignment maps, individuals, teams, departments, or the entire organization can coordinate, prioritize, and focus their efforts on common yet crucial goals. They indicate the connection between objectives and key results from different levels of your organization, helping you comprehend where responsibility lies for specific KRs. In Unlock:OKR tool, an alignment map explains a parent-child relationship between two or more objectives.

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