July 6, 2021

OKRs for Performance Management: How to go about it?

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OKRs for Performance Management: How to go about it?

Objectives and Key Results have gained immense popularity in helping businesses with goal-setting as well as performance management disciplines. Supported by the five superpowers- Focus, Alignment, Rhythm, Agility, and Accountability, OKRs drive organizations to execute an agile strategy, accelerate performance, and unlock business success. When employees align in a unified direction, evaluate their progress during regular OKR cycles, and focus on improving productivity rather than getting compensation, they are more likely to perform better, stay connected and motivated.

If you want to replace your outdated performance management strategy with OKRs, then get started with Unlock:OKR. The powerful tool helps drive engagement between employees and leadership, align your people towards the common business goals, and focus on executing what is most important to the company.