Unlock:OKR And Product Owners.

Set ambitious and measurable objectives that drive clarity, alignment and bring a unified direction to their operation. Learn how product owners accelerate their business performance with the OKRs.

Why do Product Owners Need OKRs?

As product owners, setting the right goals is important to align stakeholders and development teams and to drive product success.

Product owners spend a lot of time understanding the stakeholder needs and defining what success for the product is.

It is important for them to ensure that their product is constantly evolving and that their sales, marketing and customer support teams are aligned with the changes that they are making to the product and with each other.

  • chevron_right Follow a consistent format – This helps the teams that are cross-functionally aligned with each other, understand each other's goals easily
  • chevron_right Give clear direction to every individual in the product team
  • chevron_right Align all work to strategic business goals.
  • chevron_right Capture cross-functional dependencies across teams

Common OKR Challenges Facing Product Owners

It is crucial for product managers to understand the business vision, communicate it with their teams and collectively work towards it. While OKRs can facilitate that, there are a few challenges that product managers face with implementing and utilizing OKRs.


The lack of visualization of objectives and key results as drivers of outcomes leads to the failure in implementation of OKRs.


Having a well-defined roadmap and a solid plan can help you organize your priorities efficiently. It should ideally include key results describing how to measure success in accomplishing the objective.


A common mistake made by product managers when implementing OKRs across their teams is isolating the outcomes that involve dependencies from different teams.


Not clarifying the ownership for OKRs is another practice that leads to the failure of OKRs in your organization. This aspect of OKRs is often sidelined by product owners.


It is important for product owners to communicate the importance of OKRs to their teams and help them align their individual goals to the business vision.

Unlock:OKR for Product Owners

To overcome these challenges, Unlock:OKR strives to provide alignment and clarity to the team and drive business performance with its unique OKR Success Model that focuses on outcomes rather than output.


It is easy to bite off more than you can chew when you are aiming for hyper growth. Prioritize what you should focus on to bring your project to success using Unlock:OKR.


Unlock:OKR ensures that all teams and stakeholders are aligned to the business goals organized by product owners


Unlock:OKR helps product owners define success and implement the OKR framework smoothly into the work processes of the product team.


Unlock:OKR helps product owners take those tough decisions without delaying it and helps them adapt to changes fast enough, without hampering business productivity.

Top 4 Unlock:OKR Features For Product Owners

While team alignment with business objectives is the main essence of any OKR framework, most product managers love Unlock:OKR because of its top features that precisely help their teams in the following aspects.

Guaranteed adoption of the OKR framework

Commitment from all stakeholders

Transparency that drives outcomes

Encourages stretch goals

Boosts resource allocation and management