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    Adopting OKRs: Increased Focus, Better Engagement, and Higher Performance

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) framework is a powerful performance management and goal setting framework utilized by organizations to attain long-term objectives. Due to lack of focus on priorities, poorly defined outcomes, and inconsistent communication strategy, many organizations face a myriad of performance-related challenges. So, it becomes crucial to adopt an OKR method so that the entire organization is focused on a shared set of objectives to accomplish the desired results.

The successful implementation of OKRs helps organizations reap benefits through Alignment, Clarity, Focus, and Accountability.

  • OKRs create better alignment and clarity through a shared set of goals.
  • Employees also get individual actions plans related to performance and key results.
  • The amalgam of objectives and key results align the entire organization towards the common set of goals to attain success.