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    Unlocking Success Plan with OKR Framework: Keeping Everyone Focused, Aligned, & Agile

One thing that is distinctive about Objectives and Key Results framework is its ability to rally everyone towards common audacious goals, adopt the right rhythm for better engagement, and create an agile system to measure success. The four amazing superpowers of an OKR framework- Focus, Alignment, Rhythm, and Agility can enable organizations from different industry verticals to better equip with their change management and transformation processes. The ‘OKR success plan’ with Unlock:OKR also spotlights on these benefits to unlock workforce performance and drive business impact!

Sriraj Mallick, CEO, Infopro Learning, shares his valuable insights in the above vodcast about utilizing OKR framework as an Operating System and not just another piece of software. He also talks about how the increased OKR adoption can lead businesses to the path of success with an effective outcomes-aligned strategy, periodic surveys, and structured execution followed by persistent coaching, recognition, and feedback sessions.

In this video podcast, you will get to know about-

  • What makes an OKR framework different from other similar frameworks?
  • Discovering OKR adoption journey in business
  • Advice for other organizations and their CEOs to implement OKRs
  • What can be the first step when trying to adopt OKRs?