May 27, 2021 10 AM EST

The Role of An Internal OKR Champion in your OKR Journey

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Adopting a new framework like OKRs can lead to teams losing interest overtime. The challenge isn’t learning the framework, it is about breaking old habits and getting everyone on the same page. This is where OKR champions come to the rescue. OKR Champions are responsible for helping teams adapt to the change, and taking charge of educating them about OKRs, and making sure no one falls behind.

Join us on Thursday, May 27, 10 AM EST for a 45-minute expert webinar to understand the role of Internal OKR Champions in your OKR Journey

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Where are you in your OKR journey?
  • Who is an OKR champion?
  • What does an internal OKR champion do?

Featured Speaker:


Dr. Jessica Brown is the AVP Workforce performance at Unlock:OKR. She has a passion for helping organizations and their leaders achieve excellence through their people and processes with her high impact coaching. She is an expert who provides customized solutions on a variety of aspects including: strategic planning, OKRs, organization culture and values, team development, training, diagnosis & assessment, leadership development & coaching, and management of change, talent, performance, and succession.

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