Different metrics set for OKRs

There are five different metrics to measure an OKR:

  • Percentage – You can view the KR progress in percentages, like percent growth from X to X%.
  • Currency – You can view the KR progress in currency, like achieving sales target from $0 to $250 Million. When you select currency as a metric, you see options like Dollar, Euro, Rupee, Yen, Pound.
  • Numbers – You can view the KR progress in numbers like securing new clients from 0 to 50.
  • Yes/No (Boolean) – This is just an essential complete or no complete status. If the needle is progressed, it means it’s complete, i.e., 1 else 0.
  • No Units – This will take the progress as is in percentage.

Note: All these metrics will roll up to percentage at an Objective level, as the percentage shows the individual or team’s progress in accomplishing that objective.

See Unlock:OKR Live in Action