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March 17, 2021

Scania IT Chooses Unlock OKR to Embark upon their OKR Journey

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When business leaders talk about the organization’s future goals and vision, they have to plan on aligning everyone, share business objectives and execute an impeccable strategy to achieve ambitious goals. This is what the Objectives and Key Results framework does for organizations that want to grow exponentially by unifying their employees around common goals and measuring the outcomes that matter the most.

Scania is a world-class provider of sustainable transport solutions. The company’s core values and sheer commitment to continuous improvement contribute towards taking it to the path of success. Scania IT, the internal IT service provider, chose Unlock OKR to implement the powerful OKR framework for strengthening their strategy planning and execution. They wanted to adopt OKRs to align their employees across shared business objectives, prioritize their strategic goals to focus on what is important, create the right rhythm to track performance, and follow an agile process to actualize the company’s purpose and vision.

Working on a three-tiered OKR framework implementation plan, the first phase of Discovery & Strategy was kicked off with an OKR Coach – an expert to help our Client derive the most out of the OKR framework. A series of knowledge sharing sessions were conducted to understand the current business strategy and guide the organization on setting effective OKRs for better outcomes. In the second phase of Tool Training, Alignment, and Execution, we provided demos and tool training sessions to the Client to successfully adopt, track, and execute OKRs in context to their business requirements and strategic initiatives. In the final phase of OKRs Roll Out, we will now implement the simple yet powerful Unlock OKR tool. In addition, our OKR templates and a Customer Success Playbook that highlights our experiences and success stories of executing the OKR framework at enterprise levels, will help Scania successfully integrate the OKR framework within the organization.

Håkan Kleijn, Agile Coach at Scania IT, says, “We believe that the OKR framework has immense potential to drive strategy execution for our organization. We were in the look-out for partner that supported our agile ways-of-working to collaborate in terms of enterprise-wide implementation. In terms of a platform, we wanted to implement a simple yet holistic strategy management tool that helps our teams to align towards strategic objectives and ultimately, helping the company grow and excel. Our collaboration with Unlock OKR was aligned to our needs and expectations. Not only is the platform easy to navigate and implement, it is also flexible enough to make way for our bespoke needs. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration and achieving the performance excellence we desire out of Unlock OKR.”

John Gravanis, Vice President, Product Management Team, Unlock:OKR, adds, “We are extremely honored to partner with Scania for the OKR framework implementation within their organization. We provided valuable training sessions and adopted a multi-phase execution approach to create alignment around shared business objectives and focus on measurable outcomes. This approach provided agility while mapping goals, connecting strategy to execution, and ultimately strengthening their business operations. We hope to continue our exciting work with Scania – helping them scale the performance heights they want to achieve.” 

About Scania

Scania AB is a major Swedish manufacturer headquartered in Södertälje and the leading provider of transport solutions in more than 100 countries. Scania believes in driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system, creating a world of mobility that is better for business, society, and the environment. Scania delivers comprehensive solutions including workshop services, finance and insurance solutions, driver training and coaching, and services for support and management of customers’ operations.

About Unlock: OKR

Unlock:OKR is a product of Infopro Learning Inc, part of a global organization with 7,000+ employees across the globe. Helping organizations adopt new processes have been core to our business for over 25 years and we are widely recognized for our work in this field with some of the world’s most powerful brands. Our three brand promises for the organizations that utilize Unlock:OKR are –

  • Outcomes Culture – Turning OKR theory into reality
  • Lean Software – Executing OKRs in the flow of work
  • OKR Adoption Guarantee – Ensuring successful adoption of OKR framework