March 25, 2021

3 Great Examples of Objectives and Key Results for HR

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3 Great Examples of Objectives and Key Results for HR

When organizations want to foster a culture of growth and success, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for Human Resources (HR), play a critical role. OKRs for HR or People Operations provide a great way to focus on priorities, align everyone towards the company’s goal and vision, and execute the right strategy to achieve measurable results. Effective OKRs for HR and other business verticals like Sales, Operations, and others create alignment between different teams and accelerate every department’s performance. When it comes to implementing Objectives and Key Results for People Operations, two key things come into mind-

  • How to write and track effective OKRs?
  • What are the great OKR examples for the HR department?

To answer these questions, let us explore few HR OKR examples:

Objective #1- Create the people-first company culture

Key Result 1- Improve perks to drive engagement score by 30%

Key Result 2- Fill 15% of new roles through promotions

Key Result 3– Redefine at least 3 new core values based on employee feedback

In the above OKR example, the prime objective for HR leaders is to imbibe a people-first culture across the organization. To accomplish this goal, the team needs to define measurable key results (KRs), including increasing perks and filling 15% new roles through promotions that can ultimately increase engagement score by 30% and motivate the workforce to perform better. The team can also gather valuable feedback from their employees to redefine their core value that aligns with the company’s vision, goal, and purpose.

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Objective #2- Take new initiatives for training & development in 2021

Key Result 1- Minimum 4 hours of training in a quarter on self-learning and development  

Key Result 2- Provide 1 month of training for new recruits to familiarize them to the company’s policies and culture

Key Result 3- Organize 5 project management and leadership training programs for new managers

The above objectives and key results example drive HR teams to identify a fundamental goal to deliver effective training on the entire workforce’s self-development. For this, they would need to organize relevant training sessions for different teams and individuals, ensuring that everyone completes four hours of training to learn, upskill, and engage. This enables employees to work on their improvement areas that can ultimately drive business productivity and overall business impact. Another KR includes a one-month onboarding program where new hires undergo successful training on the organizational culture, policies and familiarize themselves with their new job roles and OKRs. Also, organizing five leadership training and project management sessions enable new managers to build a happier, motivated, and productive workforce.

Objective #3- Create an inspiring work environment for remote employees

Key Result 1- Create Virtual Environment Policy for a global workforce

Key Result 2- Rise employee satisfaction level after onboarding to 90%

The above OKR template focuses on building an inspiring work culture for employees who are working remotely in the current times. So, it is essential for HR leaders to create a new virtual environmental policy and provide engaging onboarding programs that result in a more focused, connected, and dynamic workforce with a sense of satisfaction while contributing to the company’s achievements.

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The above three examples of objectives and key results enable the Human Resources department to prioritize its strategic goals and track individual performance to ensure success and growth. The OKR framework serves as a powerful tool to drive employee engagement, improve communication between the teams, monitor employees’ progress, and unlock new ways to stay competitive. If you want to adopt OKRs for any vertical within your organization, be it Sales, HR, Operations, Marketing, and others, Unlock:OKR can help you set the right business objectives and achieve the desired outcomes. To know more about the features and benefits of the powerful OKR tool, you can Request a Demo.