August 23, 2021

How does an OKR Framework Empower the Remote Workforce?

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How does an OKR Framework Empower the Remote Workforce?

There are different forces that have resulted in business transformation in 2020, and COVID-19 is also amongst them. The most common challenge that companies face today is how to manage their remote workforce while focusing on reducing the gap between strategy and execution. It does not depend only on the leadership to plan an agile approach to accomplish goals in the coming months or years. The more important thing is implementing a goal-setting framework that helps align remote teams, build engagement, and motivate them to attain the best possible outcomes. The OKR framework serves as a one-stop solution, enabling organizations to improve their strategy and adapt to the change.

How to Ensure Your Remote Workforce is Motivated and Engaged?

The OKR goal-setting framework helps organizations build an agile system so that their globally distributed workforce can remain focused, connected, and motivated while contributing towards the company’s success. Tracking progress at regular spans- be it a month, quarter, or year, serve as a motivational factor for every employee. As per a survey on Anatomy of Work, 1 out of 3 staff members said that the main factor motivating them to give their best in 2021 is knowing how to contribute to the company’s overall mission, goal, and purpose.

When every employee working from different remote locations gets a clear picture of their company’s overall goal and strategy, they feel more connected and inspired with their contributions. This also fosters a culture of transparency between managers and their teams while adding a sense of ownership, motivation, and collaboration between different teams and their leaders.

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Objectives and Key results help build alignment and enable teams to adapt to the ever-evolving business conditions. Following are the benefits of OKRs for remote teams:

1. Better Clarity

The globally dispersed employees may want to adopt the right approach to accomplish their business goals and vision. By adopting the OKR methodology, employees can get better clarity on the most important goals. When employees know what they are trying to achieve, it makes them feel more satisfied and productive.

2. More Adaptability

To ensure remote teams survive during these unprecedented times, they must learn to adapt to changes quickly. This may include the realignment of goals as well as restructuring of business operations. When setting OKRs quarterly, organizations can easily update their goals as per the changing priorities and achieve the desired results.

3. Faster Results

When the shared objectives focus on the business vision and strategy, organizations can get faster results. With the actual improvements in engagement and performance, remote teams feel more inspired to achieve more.

In addition to focus and alignment, an OKR framework also aids organizations in leveraging the benefit of another superpower: accountability. Using OKR as an employee goal-setting framework, even the company CEO and other leaders are accountable for setting shared goals, prioritizing them, and regularly tracking progress. In a nutshell, they encourage their remote teams to shift their mindset from outputs to outcomes to measure success.

Managing a remote workforce can bring several challenges, but organizations can navigate around them using a goal-setting methodology like the OKRs. If you are new to OKR methodology and want to know more about how OKRs can help align and engage your remote teams better, connect with our OKR Coaches.

It is essential to put the right amount of effort and time into setting shared business goals and articulating them effectively to gain the maximum benefits of an OKR framework. This further helps achieve measurable results for the globally dispersed teams- that are aligned, focused, and connected.

A simple yet powerful goal-setting framework, Unlock:OKR, can aid your organization in better execute the strategy and achieve improved business results. To explore the four unique superpowers of Unlock:OKR and how these can help transform your business, book a demo, and get started.