Glossary Alignment Maps

What are Alignment Maps?

Alignment maps may be defined as organizational information radiators that aid you in visualizing your current work’s alignment with business results. You have two types of views in an alignment map, OKR View and People View. In the OKR view, you can see your personal OKRs and OKRs where you act as a contributor. These OKRs are both committed and aspirational. In the People View, you see how you are connected to different people in your organization and vice-versa via OKRs.

Business Benefits of Alignment Maps

  1. Align your team OKRs with those of your organization.
  2. Help in tracking the progress of the set objective(s).
  3. Align you and the contributor in terms of how both are progressing. The aim here is to accomplish the individual objective to achieve the bigger organizational goal.
  4. Improve productivity.

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