Glossary Committed OKR

What is a Committed OKR?

A committed OKR refers to an ambitious goal that your team should achieve by the end of a specific period. Though a committed OKR stretches the team, attaining it is more realistic than the aspirational OKR. In a committed OKR, all metrics in the KRs should be met fully and on time. Also called roof shot goals, committed OKRs involve committed key results where employees are expected to gain 100% progress. This type of OKR does not necessitate additional risk-taking. To attain a committed OKR, your team may glue to what they know well without going too far from its comfort zone.

Business Benefits of Committed OKRs

  1. Guarantee teams focus on priorities to achieve 100% progress.
  2. Contribute to the growth and success of an organization.
  3. Improve internal communication processes and workflows.
  4. Drive teams to accomplish aspirational OKRs effectively.
  5. Help efficient resource planning.

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