Glossary Assigned Contributor

Who is an Assigned Contributor?

As an owner or team leader, an assigned contributor is one who you can request from your team or other teams to become a contributor. The contributor can be anyone in the organization to co-partner your OKR progress, thus helping you achieve targets. You can assign your OKR to that person by making him a contributor to it. As your OKR(s) owner, you can give each contributor the same or different target. The owner of the OKR(s) can even review or edit contributors before finally submitting the key result and the added contributors. Assigned contributors need to accept or can even decline the assigned KR. Only after acceptance will their progress be counted.

Business Benefits of Assigned Contribution

  1. Brings in team spirit and promotes teamwork.
  2. Increases transparency in the organization.
  3. Boosts individual and team productivity.
  4. Enhances accountability in the workplace.
  5. Helps in achieving targets faster.

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